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Your Pet Could Be The Problem

Are you suffering from foul smelling air in your home? Your fury friend's hair just might be caught up in your air vents.

Caressing a pet cat
Pet hair an cause a buildup in your vents

People who own multiple pets need to be sure they are having their ducts/vents cleaned on a regular basis. Pet hair can gather in someone's ducting and cause a number of problems in the future. Clogging will make someone's HVAC unit run overtime in order to get the right amount of air into the home, which can increase your electricity bill drastically.

If you have more than two cats in your home or dogs that shed frequently, then you have the ducting cleaned out often—at least every six months, maybe more depending on how many animals there are or how many people are living in the home. The hair gathered in the ducting will also capture bacteria and other debris that can be pushed back into the home later on, which may cause lung issues for the people living there.

If you have pets in your home or smoke cigarettes inside, then it would be wise to contact us as soon as possible. We can remove pet hair, cigarette smells, and the dust particles that naturally accumulate over time, which improves air quality dramatically and also helps to keep a home smelling fresh at all times.

Think of how nice it will be to walk inside your home and take a breath of fresh air rather than wonder why it smells so bad.

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