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Don't let hidden mold compromise your indoor air quality. Our expert mold remediation services eliminate harmful spores from your ducts and HVAC system, restoring healthy, fresh air to your home or business. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Breathe Easy. Eliminate Mold with Duct Technology

professional mold remediation
Suffering From Allergies, Musty Odors, or Respiratory Issues?


Mold lurking in your air ducts could be the culprit. Duct Technology is your trusted partner in mold remediation. We restore clean, breathable air to your home with our proven process:

  • Assessment: Identifying the root cause of the mold problem.

  • Action: Cleaning and sanitizing every inch of your ducts and HVAC system.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your living or working space is healthy and mold-free.


Don't delay, breathe better today! Schedule your free consultation.

Mold in Your Air Ducts? We Can Help.


Mold thrives in dark, damp environments, making your air ducts a prime breeding ground. Duct Technology's comprehensive mold remediation services include:

  • Thorough Inspection: Pinpointing the source and extent of mold growth.

  • Safe and Effective Remediation: Utilizing specialized techniques and EPA-approved products.

  • Prevention Strategies: Addressing moisture control and ventilation issues to stop future outbreaks.

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